Automotive / Transportation / Industrial / Brand / Strategy


  • Research
  • Strategic analysis & planning
  • Pre-studies
  • Design identity
  • Idea creation
  • Concept development
  • Design proposals
  • 3-D CAD proportion / Design models
  • Product promotion
  • Design Strategy
  • Advanced / Strategic design

Output / Deliveries, Examples;

  • Creative research
  • Mood / Story boards
  • Strategic Plans
  • Strategic Studies
  • Design Briefs
  • Ideation
  • Sketches
  • Renderings
  • Colour & Material (via partner network)
  • Mock-ups
  • 3-D Virtual models
  • 3-D Physical models (via partner network)
  • Visualizations
  • Animations

Design activites / Process phases;

  • Understanding – Identify needs and prerequisites. Strategic analysis. Conduct pre-studies and research. Recognize the end-user, business plan and brand-vision. Agree on time plan and deleveries.

  • Direction – Clarify selected path. Agree on chosen brief. Specify content and align with strategic planning, business plans and engineering activities. Align goals to ensure a competitive product. Design identity. 

  • Explore –Idea creation, concept development and evaluate conclusions. Dialog with stakeholders. Examine level of innovative content and end-user satisfaction. Early 3-d models can be created for appearance, proportion, communication and cross-functional study reasons.

  • Advance – Select a main scenario and develop solutions for a stabile base concept. Define the necessities for a competitive physical proportion and aesthetic excellence. Resolve functional aspects. Conduct further commercial and technical alignment.                                            

  • Refine –Focus on feasibility, design quality and detail execution. Set final concept. Develop final design proposal(s). Specify materials. Approval by stakeholders.

  • Utilize – Prepare for industrialization. Support Implementation. Verify feasibility and quality.

  • Promote –Create market awareness regarding the concept / finished product.

Additional Services;

  • Design Strategy – Create a common vision for the future. A successful alignment between Market strategy, Brand values, Engineering and Design in order to facilitate product development of competitive products and create a stronger business case. Assist Management by including Design early in planning and decisions.

  • Advanced / Strategic Design – Cross-functional studies to highlight development needs in order to secure future competitive products rooted in an understanding of the future society, market place, and technical development.